9 Weird Everyday Items People Have Actually Eaten

5,000 lightbulbs

Believe it or not, you can become famous for eating typically non-edible objects. The man in question Todd Robbins. While traveling around the country working at various magic shows in the 1980s, he became famous for eating light bulbs.

He bites into lightbulbs like some people eat apples. He estimates he has eaten more than 5,000 light bulbs in his career, and he’s still doing it today. He claims the only injuries he’s suffered from this untraditional snack have been a few cracked teeth. How illuminating!

An entire bedroom

Pica, an eating disorder that drives people to eat things not meant for eating, tends to affect children more often than adults. 9-year-old Zach, who is a non-verbal kid who likes eating stuff in his room. Literally all of it: carpet, his toys, blinds, wallpaper, and even parts of the drywall itself. His parents are still trying to prevent this, but in less than a decade of life, Zach has consumed pretty much everything in his room to some degree. His mother is currently outfitting a special room that will be far less edible, and will hopefully prevent his eating habits from coming back to bite him.

Hundreds of lit cigarettes

Throughout history, many sideshow performers have made a career of eating strange objects. Chaz Chase made a name for himself by eating lit cigarettes. Back in the 1920s, Chase was particularly known for his ability to eat lit cigarettes and cigars. Once, when he tried to enter Australia, the security would not let him in with all the cigarettes and cigars he was carrying, assuming he meant to sell them. Chase had to whip out a cigarette and demonstrate that he could indeed swallow it before they would let him through. In his lifetime, Chase ate hundreds if not thousands of lit cigarettes.

A car

In 1970, Leon Sampsontook a $20,000 bet that he couldn’t eat a car, and he won. For a year, Sampson would grind up the car then mix it with soup to make sure it went down easier. He’d sometimes mix it into mashed potatoes, and made sure that pieces of the car were not much bigger than a grain of rice before eating.

Hundreds of pounds of rock.

Teresa Widener enjoys a delicacy that most would never consider eating: rocks. Widener has an eating disorder known as pica that causes her to eat things not considered food. She’s been consuming rocks them for more than 20 years. Doctors say the habit is unhealthy, but so far, she’s still alive and kicking.

Live bees

Just about everyone loves eating honey. And, in China, one young man loves eating bees. Live bees, to be exact. Not much is known about him, other than the fact that he loves bees. In addition to eating the often-vicious insect, he loves smothering them all over his naked body. Sounds painful.

An adult-male sized coffin

The idea of eating everything that is thrown at you might affect your health did bother Michel Lotito a bit, and while he died of natural causes in 2007, he did wonder if all the stuff he was biting into would eventually come back to bite him. So, he did the only logical thing a man can do: he ate a coffin. The wood, the lining, even the handles – he ate a coffin that was big enough for him.

A Cessna Aircraft

Michel Lotito eats a lot of things, including airplanes. Throughout his life, Lotito has made a name for himself by eating objects that don’t seem like they could – or should – be eaten. Metal, stone, rubber: just about anything. His crowning achievement? He’s eaten a whole airplane. In 1978, Lotito began his munch on parts of a Cessna aircraft little by little. It took him two years, but he managed to eat the entire thing, and earn a world record for being the only man to ever eat a plane.

Almost two dozen bicycles

Bikes for hire

It’s not always quality, it’s also quantity. Michel Lotito’s personal favorite he came back to time and time again: bicycles. In his 50 years of eating objects that weren’t food, he consumed a total of 18 bicycles – handles and all. When doctors took X-rays of his stomach, they found his stomach lining was twice as thick as normal people. Lotito claims he had to use mineral oil to constantly lubricate his throat while eating these strange objects.

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