Strange and Weird Desserts

Stretchy ice cream 

Stretchy ice cream is a really weird New York dessert that consists of a milk cream matrix and two really rare ingredients.


Cotton Candy Burrito

Cotton burrito candy is a dessert made of multiple ice creams with some several candies rolled up by a Blue, yellow, pink, purplish cotton candy. This burrito is made in las Vegas.

Dragon Puff

It is a nitrogen-based oversized cereal ball that are served in a fruity dipping sauce. When you bite a dragon puff all the smoke comes out your mouth and nose. This dessert comes from Louisiana.

Northern Lights Truffles

This dessert from Alaska is a chocolate ball with North light truffles handmade painted with the shimmering stars of Alaska’s Aurora Borealis.

Thanksgiving Gumballs

This candy consists of a gumball flavored of the 3 most typical thing you eat for the thanksgiving meal. Turkey, Pumpkin, and cranberry.

Dragons Beard Candy

Dragon’s beard candy is made from sugar and maltose syrup it is like cotton candy and it is a traditional Chinese sweet.

Apple Fries

It is made with tart apples, buttermilk sugar, Wondra flour, vegetable oil, and cinnamon. This dessert is made in Canada

Toilet Candy

This is made in Japan using foaming liquid and water, It has different flavors Cola flavor and Blue ramune soda flavor.

Bubble Waffle

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The United States is a type of popular spherical pancake or waffle and the Hong Kong and Macao restaurants. It is made with egg, sugar, flour, and milk.

Honey Toaste

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The Honey toast is a weird dessert that is served in Japan more likely in karaoke bars. The main ingredients of this fabulous dessert is bread, fruits, honey, ice cream even though you can add whatever you like for example some Nutella, yoghurt, cookies, sweets or whatever you wish to have in the honey toast.

Nutella pasta

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This bizarre dessert was created in Australia based in an Italian restaurant called Carosello in October 2017. This pasta is made up of chocolate pasta accompanied with white chocolate, mint, almonds, and raspberries, chocolate sauce in top of the pasta.

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