Top 6 Weird And Strange Foods From China

Number 1. Bird Nest Soup. Bird nest soup is known as “The caviar of the east” and it is extremely expensive. One bowl of soup can cost from $30 to $100. The reason for this is because of how much work it takes to clean the nest so it is safe for consumption. People need to use tools to take out the bits of feathers in the nest. What’s left after that is a small hard shell which is made almost entirely out of bird saliva.

Number 2. Rooster Testicles. Rooster testicles look like large white beans they are served either boiled or fried, in a broth with either Rice or Noodles. They have a similar texture to tofu. People who have eaten them like them barely cooked so that they are tender and squishy.

Number 3. Balut. Balut is essentially hard-boiled duck egg, except the duck, is fertilised. So much so that it starts to form duck-like features such as the beak and its claws. It is most common in Southeast Asia. People say that the duck part tastes like chicken and the egg part just tastes like a normal egg.

Number 4. Scorpions. These are served deep-fried and seasoned with salt and chilly. They are said that to taste very similar to crispy french fries. Except eating scorpions is the healthier option.

Number 5. Century Egg. Duck eggs are preserved with ash and clay they are stored in huts fo 100 years. The yolk turns into a green slimy texture. And the actual egg turns into a green jelly. It is usually served will rice but it can also be eaten on their own after peeling and rinsing them.

Number 6. Sheep Penis. Sheep Penis is grilled, put on a stick and eaten like a Kebab.

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