Top 5 Most Dangerous Sea Food.

Live Baby Octopus Legs, Japan.

Bowl of Gruesomely decapitated wiggling baby octopus legs

Although easy to prepare, this baby octopus’ severed legs served still moving can cause suffocation as the legs cling to your throat and block airways. In some more rare cases, the legs have climbed back up and out of the mouth. Over 15 people die yearly from this and more than 25 people require serious treatment.

Nomura’s Jellyfish, Japan.

pile of slimy strips of uncooked orange fish flesh.

This jellyfish is the biggest jellyfish although most consider this disgusting and tasteless, it is considered a delicacy in Japan and also features in the famous vanilla and jellyfish flavored ice cream, one of the most popular ice cream .companies in Asia, tango Jersey. Over 10 people die yearly from this and more than 55 require serious treatment

Fugu (Pufferfish), Japan.

Beautifully played out strips of fish

The venom of this pufferfish can kill up to thirty grown men! This pretty average looking fish  is as dangerous as it gets and you need three years of training and a license to prepare it, the fish’s liver and other organs must be carefully removed and the inner layer of skin shaved gently off, the food must be taste-tested by the chef who made it before it is served. Over 20 people die yearly from this and more than 40 people require serious treatment

Blood Clams, Thailand.

Clams with gross bloody interior

This gruesome looking clam is not excreting blood and this red liquid is in fact mucus which isn’t much better, however, the danger steps in from a different angle completely unrelated to the mucus, in fact, they carry a deadly disease that is neutralized when they are boiled. 4 people die yearly and 17 require serious treatment.

Hakarl (Greenland Shark), Iceland.

large slab of brown flesh with grey skin

The belly and breast of the Greenland shark left to ferment for up to six months in its own urine, if it is not left long enough or too much is eaten it can be poisonous causing:

Drowsiness, Irritability, Abdominal pain, Increased pressure on the brain, Blurry vision or other vision changes, Swelling of the bones, bone pain, poor appetite, Dizziness, Nausea and vomiting, Sensitivity to sunlight, Dry, rough skin, Itchy or peeling skin, Cracked fingernails, Skin cracks at the corners of your mouth, Mouth ulcers, Yellowed skin, Hair loss, Respiratory infection, Dementia,  Softening Of the skull, Double vision, Bulging eyeballs, Inability to gain weight, sometimes it can result in year-long comas (in my opinion the best outcome).

Over 20 people die yearly from this and more than 70 people require serious treatment

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