Top Weird and strange Astronaut Foods

Number 1. Peanut butter tortilla lolly pop. Tortilla is a popular option in Space as it does not crumble like bread and it is easy to eat. Tortilla wraps are filled with peanut butter and then a butter knife is stuck into it.

A Peanut Butter tortilla

Number 2. Liquid Salt and Pepper. Space food can be quite bland and so Astronauts like to add condiments such as salt and pepper onto their food. Other Condiments such as Sriracha and BBQ sauce also exist.

Number 3. Astronaut ice cream. Astronaut ice is just freeze dried ice cream. The last time this ice cream was brought into space was in 1968. Apparently it doesn’t taste anything like ice cream and it has a weird crumbly texture to it.

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