Warasubo: The Weirdest Alien-looking Fish in Japan

These alien-looking fish are found in the mudflats of Japan’s Ariake Sea. There are two main ways to eat the weirdest fish, warasubo in japan.

Dried grilled warasubo on a plate.

Dried grilled warasubo. This is the most popular way of eating this strange-looking fish. This way of serving warasubo is called ikizukuri. It is tenderized with a hammer, grilled over an open fire for 20 seconds, cut up in pieces, then served in sake, appletini or mimosa and finally eaten. This plate tastes very fishy. It is chewy but the taste is very fishy, the skin of the dried fish is sandy and corse.

Warasubo dumplings vserved on a plate of parsley.

A different weird way of serving warasubo is called Shomi Anelmsrit. It’s not usually on the menu. It looks a bit like warasubo dumplings. To cook it you start by removing their heads and steam both the body and the head. After you remove the meat, mince it with soy sauce, sugar and sake. Then it is put in the dough (similar to dumplings dough) and fried in water. After that it is finally ready to be eaten.

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