Weird Food from France!

For starters snails! Or in french escargots. 

Would you consider eating snails? In France, it’s actually very common to eat snails! people say the best place to eat escargots is L’Escargot, at 38 rue Montorgueil in Paris in Paris second district. This restaurant was founded in 1832 and been serving snails since then!

A creepy meal: Langue de boeuf


This is the langue de boeuf, beef’s tongue. The secret is to cut the tongue in tiny pieces and people forget it’s a tongue they’re eating!

In most people’s table for Christmas: Foie gras

Sliced foie gras with cumberland sauce and basil leaves

Foie gras is very appreciated in France and the time it is the most popular is during the Christmas holidays. Foie gras is the liver of a duck or a goose. Considered a luxury food product, it is made of a liver of a duck who has been intentionally fattened by force-feeding. If you want to try it, you should go to the 26 rue Montmartre in the second arrondissement. There’s a little shop that sells top quality French luxury products! 

A few frogs’ legs: Cuisses de grenouil


What are cuisses de grenouilles? Cuisses de grenouilles are frogs’ legs.There are numerous ways to prepare it and the French love it! It’s often served with slices of baguette. Cuisses de grenouilles are said to taste like chicken wings. I’ll wait for you to try it and tell me about it!

Raw Meat: steak tartare

 If you’re looking for an uncommon experience, you should try  Steak Tartare. What is it? It is a beef tenderloin chopped into tiny pieces with the right seasoning and is served raw. And that’s how the French eat it: Raw! And they love it!

Do you want feet on your plate?: Pieds de porc


Pieds de porc are porks feet. Pieds de porc is considered to be one of the French traditional dishes. And if you’re into trying new stuff and experience the weirdest things in French, you should go to Au Pied de Cochon. Located at 6 rue Coquillière, the best French food specialties and the weirdest dishes are served in this restaurant.

A smelly sausage: Andouillette


Andouillette is a sausage made out of intestines, chitterlings of the pork, pepper, onions, wine, and seasonings. If someone at the restaurant orders an andouillette, there’s no way you’ll miss it because the andouillette has a really strong odor. This peculiar sausage is so popular it even has its own club: the AAAAA, the Association Amicale des Amateurs d’Andouillette Authentique which can be translated as “The Friendly Club of Lovers of Authentic Andouillette“.

You’ll need guts to eat these: Tripes


Tripes are the innards of the cattle. There are many different recipes. But if you’ve never tried tripes but want to, the best advice you can get would be to join a cooking class. You will get to cook a peculiar kind of dish with the locals and learn how to prepare for it and what are the best ways to enjoy the most of it.

A sweet animal: Lapin

Lapin translated into English is rabbit. And yes, the french eat these cute little animals. While rabbits can be cute at home as pets the french like them on their plates! Can you imagine a family having a pet bunny named john eating rabbit for dinner!?

Common in certain European countries: Tête de veau

Finally the  Tête de veau: a calf’s head. If you want to understand the French culture then you should definitely try this! And it isn’t just France that people eat this the Italians eat this for Christmas eve dinner! 

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