Weird Food from eBay and Amazon

Even though Amazon sells you books, phone cases, clothes, mothers day gifts, and mini Santas, it also has its own source of weird food as well. From edible scorpions to a ton of oreo cream, keep scrolling to find out more!

Edible Scorpion


This isn’t as strange as eating one alive with the danger of it pinching your throat but do scorpions still tickle your tastebuds when they’re dead? Well you can buy it online for only $18.99!! And like the description says they are a great source of protein. I’d go now before they’re sold out!

Cricket Sampler


Crisps are a great snack for lots of people but some prefer crispy crickets. I’m not sure if this excites you or if Crick-ettes are only for naturalists? Maybe if i told you that some are flavoured like bacon and cheese flavoured, do you want some now? Maybe this company is onto something!

Exotic Jerky Assortment


The crazy meats in this set include alligator, wild boar, buffalo, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, and venison. That’s not exactly a set of meats you’re going to find at your local butchers, unless you live somewhere in the amazon rainforest!

Each individually wrapped stick of jerky is combined with beef to create that delicious flavour of chicken. I don’t think that these are for vegetarians!

Cooked and Salted Duck Eggs


Although people typically eat chicken eggs, other types of bird eggs are popular elsewhere in the world such as quail eggs. These cooked and salted duck eggs give you a new flavor versus traditional chicken eggs. And don’t be freaked out by the yolk, which is more of an orange/red than the yellow in chicken eggs. You won’t find any ‘normal’ coloured in the box!

Japanese Snack Assortment


This package of sweets and snacks provides 34 different packages, all of which feature fun animated characters and plenty of strange Asian flavours. And every package contains an unknown surprise, some of which will be weird and some of which will taste great.

Bacon Flavored Mints


Many people love bacon. And paired with lots of different things such as beans, yorkshire pudding and hashbrowns, but I think mints has gone too far. This tin of about 100 mints contains a mix of bacon and mint flavors in each individual mint. I don’t think I will be trying these. I will leave that to you. 

 Thanksgiving Flavored Gumballs


If you love Thanksgiving dinner types of foods — like really love them — then you might love this weird gum. Accoutrements offers gumballs flavored in three of the most iconic Thanksgiving foods: Turkey, pumpkin pie, and cranberries, each of which will be a weird gum flavor in its own way. Maybe it will be a bit like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. 

We don’t recommend mixing the three flavors of gumballs together. That’s just too weird.

Smoked Rattlesnake


You’d be surprised the endless amount of smoked bugs and reptiles you can actually buy online to eat. Now if you’re a health nut, this smoked rattlesnake is for you. 

Zebra Tarantula


Speaking of creepy animals you can eat, turns out you can also eat a dried zebra tarantula. This really isn’t a joke-it’s a dried up tarantula that is meant to have a jerky consistency. Apparently it’s a great source of protein… You know, if you’re into that…  

Jelly Belly Draft Beer


Do you like jelly beans? How about beer? Ever thought of having both at the same time? Well obviously Jelly Belly did. But wait, there’s more. Not only is it two of the weirdest food combos combined in one can, but this beer doesn’t have any alcohol content. Oh, and it’s not actually a drink. Just a handful of beer-flavored jelly beans.

Dehydrated Water


All you do is add water! Wait, what? This dehydrated water is exactly what you think it is – an empty can that is ready to be filled with water. It’s more of a gag gift than anything, but certainly a funny “food” item to buy.

Creamed Possum


I’m going to keep this one brief because the thought of eating creamed possum makes me want to gag. It comes with “coon fat gravy” and sweet potatoes to make it even better! In case you were looking for a well-balanced meal.

Crapola! Granola


The only reason this Granola is even on this list is purely because of its name. In reality, this Crapola granola actually sounds delicious. Made with oat clusters and dried fruit, this would be a fun snack to add to your morning yogurt—or maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Jolly Rancher Gelatin


Not a huge fan of the normal Jolly Rancher hard candies? Why not grab a box of Jolly Rancher Gelatin instead! You can find green apple, blue raspberry, watermelon, and cherry gelatin! It all depends on your favourite Jolly rancher hard candies!

Charms Cereal Marshmallows


This sweet is honestly my favourite! Theoretically, you’re supposed to make it by simply putting these hard marshmallows in a bowl and pouring some milk over them! It’s as easy as that! 

Superman Cheeto


For $5 thousand, you can be the owner of this “unique” Cheeto. This is a great investment. (Worth considering: The world’s most expensive Superman comic sold for $3.2 million on eBay in 2014.)

50lbs of Oreo Filling


Finally, someone’s done the hard work for us. Fifty pounds should be enough to get you through the week, right? Thank goodness there’s free shipping because I am not lifting them up.

Duck Dynasty Chocolate Heart


Because nothing says “I love you” like a heart-shaped, fur-lined, -redneck-branded box of chocolates. This will be a nice gift to console your Trump-loving aunt within three weeks.

Meat Gun


DIY jerky just got easier—just load this bad boy up with a pound of ground meat and pull the trigger. Gross, yes, but looks weirdly satisfying. Perfect for your older brother who can’t stop guzzling meat. 

Sake Flavored Kit Kats


Of all the odd Kit Kat flavors you can find in Japan, this is considered  the weirdest. They’ve got enough sake in them (.8 percent) for some boozy flavor, but not enough to get you drunk. Just don’t give this to your kids!

Michael Jordan Fruit Snacks


Even Michael Jordan is confused about why these exist, why someone saved them for 25 years, and what condition the fruit snacks must be in at this point in time.Only the curious buyer will know. Also, it seems like a missed opportunity for the seller to charge $23.

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