Weird foods that appeared in 2018:

  1. Beer Ramen:
a glass of ramen that looks like beer noodles.

This delightful dish that appeared in 2018 is, in fact, ramen, only the beer is non-alcoholic, consisting of egg whites and gelatin.

Julia Kubotani is the co-owner of the restaurant that invented Beer Ramen; she said that when she  came up with the idea with the beer ramen because of the hot summer in Vancouver last year. She sat down and thought about something cold, so she thought about beer and cold ramen, so she combined them together. During the summer, it was one of the bestseller and popular item on the menu.

They sell about 500 beer remen a week.

2. mushroom coffee:

This excellent dish is our favourite morning beverage with a slight change, instead of having coffee the normal way, it’s been taken to the next level! That is, if the next level is mushroom infused…

I’m not sure if you are a mushroom lover but i’m not,so this is not my ideal coffee. But you never know maybe it tastes delicious


3. Blueberry pizza 

Pizza with blue sauce, blueberries and edible flowers! Although this is quite a masterpiece, we doubt it’s any good.

The blue sauce is made of blueberries, cheese and blue colouring food. 


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