Weird Japanese Raw Meat

Raw beef sushi

Japanese raw beef sushi

This raw beef sushi is not entirely safe to eat. This delicacy is served with soy sauce and wasabi. Wasabi is a Japanese plant with thick green roots which tastes like strong horseradish. It is used in cooking, especially in powder or paste form as an accompaniment to raw fish.


Japanese ukai.

The meat is boiled at high temperatures to kill the bacteria on the outside. Then the cooked section is cut away, leaving only the raw part. This food is apparently safe to eat, however, five people have died from eating it. First you mince the beef with a knife and add a sauce which is made from sesame oil, vinegar and miso sauce. It is served half chopped and half minced with an egg yolk, some garnish and cucumber, green onions and sesame seeds. When eaten, it is gooey and creamy.

3. Raw Shark Heart

Japanese raw shark heart

In most restaurants where they serve this strange food, half of the customers that go there, go to order raw shark heart. This food might have a weird aroma but apparently it doesn’t have a strong flavour. When eating, it’s firm and spongy.

4. Raw Horse Meat

Japanese raw horse meat

This weird delicacy is surprisingly common. Unlike some of the other Japanese raw foods on this page, this horse meat sashimi won’t kill you.

5. Raw Chicken

Japanese raw chicken

The bacteria in raw chicken can kill you, but like ukai, when you boil the chicken it kills all the bacteria on the outside which is the most dangerous. Apparently this food is savoury and delicious.

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